Hamlet is one of the best tragedies ever written in the world literature. Shakespeare's play presents the inner conflicts which a young meditative man, Hamlet, who is revealed his father's murderer by the ghost and given a task of avenging his father's death, goes through. Though Hamlet is aware of his uncle Claudius's crime, his mother Gertrude's infidelity, Ophelia's weakness and Polonius's plots, he hesitates to act due to his skepticism and brings out the tragic doom of almost all the priciple characters including himself. The idea of revenge, the question of life and death, the sense of guilt and indetermination on when and how to act are the main points discussed in the play. Shakespeare combines love and hatred, the sense of loneliness and loss, desire and regret in a vary well developed plot with lively and real characters who stand as individuals.

Yayıncı‏:‎Engin Yayınları Ankara; 1. basım (1 Ocak 2012)
Kağıt Kapak‏:‎191 sayfa
Boyutlar‏:‎19.5 x 0.6 x 12.5 cm
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Hamlet – Original Gold: Shakespeare Classics